The racial for the undead army is undead frenzy. The stats and cost for this racial are as follows:

Level Effect Cost
1 15% increase to attack speed 500 gold
2 Additional 15% increase to attack speed (totally 27,75%) 1000 gold
3 Additional 15% increase to attack speed (totally 38,59%) 1500 gold
4 Additional 15% increase to attack speed (totally 47,80%) 2000 gold
5 Additional 15% increase to attack speed (totally 55,63%) 2500 gold

Units Edit

Undead units

Ghouls Edit

Level 1 (15 exp), 600 hp, 1 spawn every 7 sec
Ghouls spawn faster than any other tier 1 unit and have a base attack of 17-19.

Crypt Fiends Edit

Level 3 (60 exp), 700 hp, 1 spawn every 9 sec
Crypt fiends have a moderate spawn rate and a 21-26 attack. They come with the Slam skill which slows nearby attackers by 80% for 3 seconds. But use slam wisely because each fiend only has one mana point.

Skeleton Mages Edit

Level 2 (40 exp), 700 hp, 1 spawn every 9 sec
Skeleton Mages have a high attack speed and a base damage of 16-17. They also benefit greatly from the undead racial, which causes them to attack even faster. Mages have the slam ability, which is an exact replica of crypt fiends.

Abominations Edit

Level 5 (115 exp), 1400 hp, 1 spawn every 11.5 sec
With a base damage of 46-52, abominations have the strongest attack of any tier 4. They also have a mana pool of 300, which allows them to use their slam ability multiple times.

Meatwagons Edit

Unit Level 4 (85 exp), 1000 hp, 1 spawn every 8 sec
Meatwagons have a base damage of 126 - 145. They deal out extremely large amounts of splash damage.

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