True Sight is an abilty given to Human buildings and some units in Warcraft III. In Footmen Frenzy, all buildings, with the exception of shops, have this ability.


True Sight allows the owner and his teamates to see invisible units within True Sight's range. For example, a Blademaster which has used Windwalk will be spotted by a building's True Sight, and units will automatically move out and attack it.

Buildings with True SightEdit

In Footmen Frenzy, all Tiers have the True Sight ability.

Units with True SightEdit

In Footmen Frenzy, only summoned units have the True Sight ability. However, this does not mean only summoned units can see invisible units. The Troll Witch Doctor's Wards and the Dust of Revealing can allow a player to see invisible units for a brief period of time. Units with True Sight are:

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