Tier Four is the fourth tier in Footmen Frenzy. It is preceeded by Tier Three and is followed by Tier Five. Generally, most games have players reaching Tier Four and stopping there because of the cost of Tier Five. Tier Four costs 4000 Gold.

Tier Human Orc Undead Night Elf Cost Wait Time
Tier 1 Riflemen Grunts Ghouls Archers 1050g 3 Minutes
Tier 2 Militia Berserkers Crypt Fiends Huntress 1400g 10 minutes (3+7)
Tier 3 Spell Breakers Raiders Skeletal Mages Druids of the Talon 2000g 17 minutes (3+7+7)
Tier 4 Knights Tauren Abominations Dryads 4000g 24 minutes (3+7+7+7)
Tier 5 Steam Tanks Peons Flying Meatwagons Chimaeras 40000g ------------------

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