The racial for the orc army is critical strike. The stats and cost for this racial are as follows:

Level Effect Cost
1 15% chance to do 2 times normal damage 500 gold
2 25% chance to do 2.25 times normal damage 1000 gold
3 35% chance to do 2.5 times normal damage 1500 gold
4 45% chance to do 2.75 times normal damage 2000 gold
5 60% chance to do 3 times normal damage 2500 gold

Units Edit

Orc units

Tier One - Peons Edit

Level 2 (40 exp), 525 hp, 1 spawn every 12 sec

Tier Two - Grunts Edit

Level 3 (60 exp), 750 hp, 1 spawn every 7.5 sec
Grunts have the ensnare ability, which can trap an enemy unit for 3 seconds. This spell has a 15 second cooldown and does not cost mana. Grunts have a base damage of 33-36.

Tier Three - Raiders Edit

Level 4 (85 exp), 950 hp, 1 spawn every 9 sec
Raiders are fast, small, and do a lot of damage. With a base damage of 33-37, they have by far the strongest attack of any tier 3. Raiders also have the ensnare ability, which is an exact replica of the peons ability.

Tier Four - Taurens Edit

Level 5 (100 exp), 1450 hp, 1 spawn every 12 sec
Tauren have the highest health pool and the second highest 41-44 attack of tier 4 units, behind abominations. They also have the ensnare ability.

Tier Five - Kodo Beasts Edit

Level 6 (115 exp), 2500 hp, 1 spawn every 14 sec
Although they have a slow attack speed, they can demolish an army because of their high damage and cleave. 141-157 base attack.

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