FANDOM is the official website of Footmen Frenzy. It is a place to share strategy, ask questions, or just talk with other fans of the game. The site is also where you can download the latest version of the game, sign up for tournaments, and find replays. Feel free to come to the site and become a part of the Frenzy community.

Webpage is currently out of drift. (Novazane)

There is an hope that NoHunters's site turn up, or someone has a new URL?

I am sorry to report, but has died. However the map is now being produced by clans NEVO and OMS. (im not sure if that is the correct address)

Also the continuation of footmen frenzy to Starcraft 2 is It is run and played by many of the same people who were on Unfortunately unlike the carrier hero said, nohunters is not in sc2. :(

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