Naga Sea Witch
Race: Neutral/Naga
Class: Intelligence
Type: AoE/Hero Killer
Strength: 15 (+2 per level)
Agility: 16 (+1 per level)
Intelligence: 22 (+3 per level)

Mystical Hero, adept at ranged combat. Can learn Forked Lightning, Frost Arrows, Evasion, and Tornado of Fire. Attacks land and air units.

Spells Edit

Forked Lightning Edit


Calls forth a cone of lightning to damage enemies. The number of targets and the damage done increase with every level. Forked Lightning always has an 11 second cooldown and costs 120 mana.

Level DMG / Targets Area Range
1 85 dmg / 5 targets 900x300 cone AoE   600
2 160 dmg / 6 targets 915x340 cone AoE   620
3 235 dmg / 7 target 900x380 cone AoE   640
4 310 dmg / 8 targets 900x420 cone AoE   660
5 385 dmg / 9 targets 900x460 cone AoE   680
6 500 dmg / 12 targets 900x500 cone AoE   700

Frost Arrows Edit


Adds a cold effect to each attack, slowing a target enemy unit's attacks and movement. Each level increase adds additional damage and slowing effect. The slow effect of Frost Arrows always lasts 1.5 seconds on Heroes and 5 seconds on units.

Level DMG & Speed reduced Extra DMG Mana
1 -30% atk & move speed +5 dmg   10
2 -40% atk & move speed +15 dmg   10
3 -50% atk & move speed +25 dmg   10
4 -60% atk & move speed +30 dmg   7
5 -70% atk & move speed +35 dmg   7
6 -80% atk & move speed +60 dmg   7

Evasion Edit


Gives a percent chance to avoid attacks. Evasion bonus increases with each level. Evasion protects you from physical attacks, but does not stack with Evasion items.

This is not necessarily a "fun" skill to get, but it is critical to protecting your Naga late game since her health leaves something to be desired. Evasion allows you to go to any base (don't forget to bring an HP pot) and spam Fork Lightining. The enemies army will have a hard time killing you because of the evasion skill.

Level Dodge %
1 15% chance to dodge
2 25% chance to dodge
3 35% chance to dodge
4 45% chance to dodge
5 55% chance to dodge
6 80% chance to dodge

Tornado of Fire Edit


Summons a fierce controllable Tornado of Fire that slows enemy units' movement speed, randomly tosses enemy ground units into the air and burns nearby units. Higher skill levels reduces the Cooldown and increases the immolation power. Tornado always lasts 20 seconds and costs 250 mana.

Level Movement Speed Reduction Inmolation DMG Cooldown
1 80% 50 dps in 220 AoE 120 seconds
2 80% 75 dps in 275 AoE 90 seconds
3 80% 125 dps in 400 AoE 60 seconds

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