Footmen Frenzy has been adapted to Use Map Setting (UMS) custom game for StarCraft. The map features 8 heroes with 5 spells each, 35 skill levels, 5 footmen levels, and 8 players in a 2v2v2v2 setting. Spells are cast like in AoS and DOTA by building units at Starport for gas (which equates to mana). Mission objectives in the game menu gives full description of each skills/spells once a hero is chosen by a chooser. Due to limitations of the game and the map editor, it is impossible to accurately track whether a kill has been made by a hero or a footman, but the map tries to emulate this aspect by keeping track of which enemy units were near the hero when a kill is made. Therefore, a hero must be engaged in combat in order to be rewarded with experience points and level up to acquire more hit points, damage, and advanced spells. The end objective of the game is to destroy all enemy temple bases, which is impossible without upgraded heroes and footmen early in the game due to its high HP and defense.

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