Frenzy players often use special gaming terms. These terms can be found in other games but some are only found in Footmen Frenzy.

  • In House Game This is a game hosted by a clan and only people in the clan's chat channel are allow to participate. Most Frenzy gamers prefer playing In House so that they can play with others who have about the same skill.
  • Tournament Game This is a game that is part of a NoHunters or other Tournament. NoHunters tournaments are hosted occasionally by Roaaaarrrr. Check the site for details. Tournaments will be posted on the front page.
  • Owned Miserably and utterly defeated. Also (incorrectly) spelled "Pwned".
  • Pub Short for "Public Gamer", a Pub is someone who plays randomly hosted games on Bnet (not necessarily Footmen Frenzy). It has come to be synonymous with players who are not very experienced at Frenzy; but this is not always the case.
  • Pub Game A non tournament and non in-house game. This is a game where you play against all pubs either by yourself or with teammates.
  • Pub Stomp This is a term often used by advanced players. Instead of playing an In House game, they will join a randomly hosted game and single-handedly, or together with other advanced players, defeat the other teams in a landslide.
  • Tanking is using Hero to decimate enemy players' forces. This may also refer to using a Tank Token to destroy a base.
  • Meatshield Meatshields are units or Heros who's main job is to take the blunt of the damage from enemy attacks.
  • Turtling This is staying at one's base for a long period of time.
  • Creeping The use of creeps. Any good player or team will utilize creeps.
  • BF Basefagger(s!!) see Basekiller
  • BS Basekiller(s!!) A nonsensical used by horrible players on the winning team right before their base explodes.
  • Ava Short for Avalanche.
  • BM Referring to one of three heroes, the Bloodmage, the Blademaster, or the Beastmaser.
  • DK Death Knight
  • CB CattleBruiser
  • SH Shadow Hunter
  • MK Mountain King
  • DH Demon Hunter
  • AM Archmage
  • TC Tauren Chieftain
  • CL Crypt Lord
  • PL Pit Lord
  • DL Dreadlord
  • Potm Priestess of the Moon
  • Kotg Keeper of the Grove
  • Pally Short for Paladin
  • FS Farseer
  • Bill or BillK Aka Strongest Man Ever.

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