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Metal.Bark is a FAGGOT. Edit


Micro basicsEdit

Micromanagemnent is described by Wikipedia as “small, detailed gameplay elements that must be manually addressed by the player.” There is much debate in the Frenzy community about how much micro is really needed. Some people, like Bejol, would laugh at even using the words “micro” and “Frenzy” in the same sentence, while others like me believe that at least having decent micro puts you ahead of 90% of frenzy players out there. However, there can be no argument that ladder requires way more micro than Frenzy ever does or will. – This is a guide written for ladder on both micro and macro, the second of which we need not be concerned with since there is no need to harvest resources or build buildings in frenzy. Although many of the points regarding micro are useless in frenzy, there are many points that are still pertinent. I will highlight some of them:

-“SICK UNITS - Your opponent will [sometimes] have units that have less hp than others …I call these sick units. Seek to get rid of these first. Be careful not to chase them though as you will suffer more damage than you should.”

-“HERO TARGETING is both risky and necessary. There will be times when the quickest way to victory in a battle will be to target your opponents hero. This is risky due to the fact that heros can survive longer than regular units, they have spells to help them, and your opponent will be focusing on keeping them alive. When targeting a hero click on the hero to make sure their items will not allow them to out live your units. In targeting a hero your units will take a lot of damage on the norm... if the hero's items allow it to live for a long time while being attacked your units will dwindle to nothing and the battle will be lost for you. *Don't target a hero unless you can kill them.* If your opponents hero is occupied, many times you will be able to surround the hero to avoid it running away to expedite the kill. In these occasions use a move command instead of the attack command. Also when attacking heros do not use your offensive spells preemptively... instead wait until their are low on hp to use them. If you use chain lightning on a hero with 500 hp they will heal as soon as your use it... but if you wait till they are down to 200 hp and use it they'll be caught off guard and will die soon after.”

“- FORMATION: if encountering an opponent with AOE (area of effect spells) or an opponent that is benefiting from holding you at bay with one wave of units while pounding you with their ranged units rush headlong into his units. examples of opponents would be huntresses holding you while archers focus fire your units to nothingness or grunts holding you back while zerkers pick you apart. By rushing headlong into their lines you are taking that advantage away from them... this also creates a sort of confusion that will work to your advantage as they are probably not use to controlling units when mixed with other units.” [Of course the unit variety in footmen frenzy is not much, but you can still be held back by one player’s grunts while another’s archers fire at you and an Archmage blizzards you from behind those arches]

-“ HAZARD CONTROL - As your units become damaged pull them back to avoid getting hit... then bring them back into battle as your opponents units have now targeted your other units with more hp.”

-“ UNIT SAVED IS A UNIT SAVED - Don't be afraid to let the unit go back to your base... better to be down one unit in battle than to be down one unit in game.”

-“KILLING YOUR OWN UNITS - there are occasions when it is preferable to kill your own units than to have your opponent kill them... this is most usually the case before making a retreat.” [Don’t be afraid to deny heroes as well. If an allied hero is surrounded and has no TP, go ahead and blizzard on top of that hero in hopes of taking down enemy units as well as your own ally depriving the enemy of gold and exp. You can suicide yourself in the same way as well]

-“Focus-fire: The ideal targets are the ones that are nearby / close / in front and weakened by the attack-moved troops. Usually I assign two targets per focus-fire by using shift. If your opponent pulls back the focused unit, be sure to switch targets quickly.” (This is explained later in the guide, but I’ll state it here to be concise. You don’t really want to use focus fire with melee units, since they will take time to surround the unit and attack it. And in fact a lot of times not all of them will be able to reach the unit. Focus fire should only be done with ranged units.

-“Dancing / retreating: dancing is retreating a unit a short distance but keeping it in the battle so that enemies on attack-move will break attack lock. When you dance units, don't use shift. If it's a melee unit, it'll use it's AI to re-engage as if it were on attack-move anyways. If it's a ranged unit, you should use your entire control group to re-focus on a target. This is because using shift and telling your danced unit to reacquire a certain target takes up "micro time" which could be used instead to dance away another unit or two. “

-“Retreating is pulling a unit out of the battle completely and sending it home. In general, you want to dance units if you think they will continue to survive but retreat units if you think they would die otherwise. If your opponent relies mainly on attack-move, you'll use dancing most of the time. If he likes to focus a unit to death (and keep running after it) then retreating is the best option. If he does a mix of these then you just need to do a mix as well. Retreating units denies enemies of exp and also makes your army considerably stronger if you manage to heal safely after the battle. In general you will want to regroup your healthy units so that when you select the group again you won't pull the damaged units back into the fight. Certain situations make this very difficult (ex: tc shockwave on foots) in which case you should rely on click-dragging the healthy units on-screen and regrouping in that manner (instead of using the selection box).”

“-Blocking - Blocking is probably the easiest of all these maneuvers. Basically what you are doing is blocking the path of an enemy unit by constantly blocking it's path at about a 45 degree angle. Move your unit in from the left or the right and constantly stay in front of their unit by changing direction. “ [If a hero is running away from your ranged units focus firing him, if possible block him with your own hero in this manner to force him to TP]

-IMPORTANT NOTE: Like I said, this isn’t ladder, so don’t focus too much on micro. A lot of times, instead of concentrating on individual units it’s better to concentrate on groups as a whole: For example, keeping an eye out for flanks and moving you units away from them, moving a group of units out of Blizzard or Flamestrike, moving a group of outnumbered footmen away from getting trapped by enemy forces. Even most skilled players spend most of the game just using attack move and running away as needed, instead of “dancing” or “focus firing”. BTW, attack move means using the “Attack” command to move instead of using right click. Using right click will make your units go to their destination heedless of enemy forces, meaning your enemy can take potshots at your troops as they move or trap them. If you use normal hotkeys, just press “A” once, and your cursor button should change into a target. Then, click on the destination. You should notice red arrows mark the point instead of green ones as when you right click. In addition, it is more important to use your hero to its full capacity than to focus on saving single units or such.

-IMPORTANT NOTE TWO: If you haven’t done so already, I highly suggest that you go to the menu using F10, click on “Options”, then click on “Gameplay”, and then click the box to the left on “Always show Health Bars”. What this does is make it so during your entire game it looks as if you are holding the “Alt” key. Health bars of all units in your vision are always on display. At first this might be disconcerting, but after a few days you’ll marvel at how you ever played without it. This will help with your micro a great deal. In addition, it helps you find those low hp heroes to nuke and groups of red health units to use aoe skills on to guarantee you kills.


Team games are about teaming up, letting your teammates fight the rest of the enemy team. Make plans to gather your forces together and attack certain targets. Often troop coordination and attack is a decisive factor in team games. If you're not going to be using all of your collective units to attack the same enemy, coordinate your separate attacks on the separate enemies so they are unable to provide reinforcements to each other. Do not let your troops get separated. Share Unit control and make sure that the large army is kept together. If you separate your forces, the enemy players may use their combined forces to pick you both off one at a time. Separating your forces can cause you to lose the game.

Hotkeys and Special CommandsEdit This is a great link that shows you the basics of hotkeying and special commands. These instructions, although mainly for ladder, are useful for basically all types of custom games as well. For example, even in tower defense games knowing to use waypoints is very useful.

Hotkeying unit groups is essential if you're gonna do anything more than play hero wars. In the first fight, there is no real reason to hotkey footmen I find. It is better to just cltr+click them and send them in or click and drag footmen. Then, just pay attention to general formation and pull back footmen or send footmen as needed using click and drag.

Hotkeying your base and the ring of power where you get upgrades is a great idea. Personally, I hotkey them both as "0". This way, in a middle of a fight, I can upgrade as necessary or tier up as necessary, saving time and being more efficient.

Everyone hotkeys in different ways. For example, I might do something group 1 as my main hero + units (or maybe just units if it's melee or something), group 2 as creeps, group 3 as units (or slave or wisps), group 4 as a second attack group, etc etc. Generally, you don't wanna go too far or else your fingers will have trouble reaching. In fact, it's probably a bad idea for me to hotkey my base and circle of power as "0" when I could probably use "6" or "7". However, that is my personal habit and so far I hae had no reason to break it. Just the fact you will be using hotkeys will 99.9% of the time make you vastly better than someone that doesn't.

When fighting, using the "shift" key can be very useful for saving units. Click on red hp units and send them back to your base. Then, while holding "shift", click on them to remove them from your current selection group. Then make this new, current selection group without the injured units into a new hotkey group.


Long story short, the way to surround with ranged units is to use the "move" button and clicking on a hero several time with the "move" command. If you are using normal hotkeys, you can do this by clicking "M" on your keyboard and then clicking on the hero, and doing this several times rapidly. Once the hero is surrounded, you have to right click on the enemy hero or your units will not attack. Here is a link that explains: I'm aware for melee units you can just send half your units ahead of the hero and half behind then right click on the hero, but that is not as reliable as using the move command. AFAIK, most pros use the method I and the link have described. - That is a link to the infamous Sweet's (one of the best UD players today) double hero surround against Moon (one of the best players period). If you look, you can tell he's using the "move" command since there is a pause after the ghouls surround the heroes before they actually attack

Like in ladder, it is simply dumb to surround some heroes whether you are melee or range. Examples include any decently leveled Tauren Chieften, Mountain King, Random_Digit, Demon Hunter, Fox, and Panda. They will probably kill all of your troops and then run away. Metal.Bark is debatable since although she has Clap she also normally has a very low HP so you could probably kill her will strong enough units before she gets more than one Clap off. Of course if she has stacked items it a different situation

Be sure to peek at the hero's inventory before hand to make sure he doesn't have an invis potion. If he does, then grab a dust quickly to counter his invis potion. I've had the frustrating occurrence several times of surrounding a hero and then having it disappear on me.

EDIT: Incinerate brought up a good point. Check the hero's inventory and mana before hand. For example, a MK with no mana, no hp/mana items, and no cloak should probably be surrounded if possible as long as he is incapable of buying pots from the archvault.

General Strategy and How to WinEdit

General TipsEdit

TP UsageEdit

You should ALWAYS have a TP. The only exception is if for some reason you did something dumb and were forced to tp in the first fight or before that (If you got surrounded before the mass) In both situations you should beware of enemy heroes especially stunners and never risk going mid without support. It's more important to spend gold on creeps at that point than another TP, and in the first fight your chances of dying are pretty small as long as you don't do anything retarded. Even then, get a TP ASAP. If you can't afford one, ask your allies for money to get a TP. Good players will NEVER turn you down unless no one has any gold themselves.

At the same time, don't think having a TP gives you an excuse to act retarded. It's doesn't guarantee you won't die, and 250 gold is a decent chunk of money. Don't go on farm runs, make 200 gold, and then be forced to TP. Don't run into the middle of a bunch of units. Don't get close to a team with two stunners, or a team with some awesome nuke combo like Edge/CB/Lich. Always keep in mind that 250 gold might change the game , good players are the ones who help the most and die the least.

When you need to TP in a hurry, it is best to double click on your TP. This automatically TP's you back to your own base. If you need to TP to the store area, you need to click on the part of the center base that is closest to the TP. That means if Player 1 is dead and you're on Team 1, you cannot TP to the store. Same if you are on Team 2 and player 4 is dead, team 3 and player 7 is dead, etc.

Siege TankEdit

The dreaded Siege Tank is something that should actually be a staple of most games for an decent player at Footmen Frenzy. Yes, you heard me correctly, if you are a decent player you should be using this item is a good portion of your game. This item not only lets you take out an out-of-control hero who has spend thousands on item and thus is still at tier 1, but also is a great end game item when used during a full scale assault.

First off, get out any ideas in your head that state using the Siege Tank is “cheap”, “dishonorable”, or for “noobs”. Any player with decent knowledge of the game will know about a dozen ways to counter Siege Tank, most of them quite easy to do (I list them in my counters section so go there if you wanna see). In addition, Siege Tank is expansive and takes a while to be available (Initial Stock time is 1000 seconds and Restock is 450 seconds). To best use Siege Tank, you want about 5 attack upgrades and to use it with conjunction with the Roaaaarrrr Scroll. That’s a lot of money you have to spend, probably over 5000. A Jaood with the money and time can have Claws of Ultimate Destruction, a Maul, and Chimes. So honestly, Siege Tank isn’t imbalanced at all.

It is, however, an extremely useful tool. Siege Tank is available from the Personal Shop where it ca nbe bought as a one charge summonable item named “Tank Token”. It costs 900 gold to buy and lasts 40 seconds. Siege Tank does “Normal” damage, which is the Frenzy equivalent of “Chaos” damage. That means it does 100% damage to Buildings. Without any upgrades or the Roar Scroll, Siege Tank isn’t much to be feared. It is after you get some upgrades and a Roar Scroll that the Tank becomes an issue; it’ll be doing over 500 damage with each hit. Even at tier 4 where bases have 10000 HP, twenty hits of a tank will reduce the base to rubble.

Another way to make the Siege Tank far more effective, is to use Jaood’s bloodlust on the tank. With level 6 bloodlust, some attack upgrades, and Roaaaarrrr Scroll even a Tier 5 base will be destroyed in seconds if the Tank survives for that long. I’ve taken out an entire base of Tier 4 bases using this trick. This, I admit, is considered cheap even amongst long-time players simply because you are given very little time to react. If you have anything below Tier 4 you need to respond within seconds or you will die. With the new item in the game, the Wand that dispels all buffs, this should be easier to do.

Now, how do you actually use Siege Tank? While first off, like the Tanks in the normal game it can only attack buildings and has a very short range. Thus, you want to drop it off right next to the base if possible, and then watch it auto-select the building and start attacking. In a crowded base, this maybe be difficult. Therefore, you want to clear out the base before hand, perhaps by using a Scepter of Destruction. Also, always know that to take out the middle player is far more difficult than taking out the other two players; so consider tanking one of those players first and THEN going after the middle player.

Although the Tank can be perfectly effective on its own, especially against Tier 1’s and maybe 2’s, when you send your army in to focus fire the building the Tank becomes even more useful. You’ll usually find the other team running around in a panic, trying to figure out whether to handle the tank first or the army first, or how to do both at the same time. Meanwhile, the base is going to be going down very fast with all that damage. Of course, the risk here is that if you fail, you not only have wasted 1500 gold on Tank + Scroll, you probably have lost a lot of units and fed the other team a great deal. Don’t do this unless you are quite confident you can take out the other’s base.

Countering the CountersEdit

So how do you manage to use Tank successfully against a good player who’s going to have a bunch of wisps in his base? Well, wisps are the most common counter against Tank and thus is also arguably the weakest, since many players now know how to keep wisps from ruining their tanking! The easiest way: Target the wisps. They are slow, noticeable, and weak units. A single AoE spell will kill many of them. Good spells to kill wisps: Carrion Swarm, Shockwave, War Stomp, Thunder Clap, Rain of Fire, Flamestrike, Blizzard, Forked Lightning, etc and the list goes on and on. Plus, know that certain spells prevent wisps from using their “Detonate” ability, noticeably Silence and Soul Burn. Another great spell that counters wisps is the Dino Din’s ultimate. Cast that, then cyclone/stun any wisps that you see. Also know that the Tank is quite hardy, having 1500 hp and fortified armor, so it will take more than just one or two detonates to kill it. However, only one detonate is needed to remove the Roar buff and/or Bloodlust. Plus, the armor upgrade affects Siege Tank too so maybe get some to increase its HP.

When Tank WON’T Work by ItselfEdit

Here is a list of situation where it’s just dumb to try to use Tank by itself. Try something else, or send in a bunch of units along with your tank as a distraction or to help it in its goal:

1. The Base is guarded by a large group of very powerful ranged units. If there are 40 skellies surrounding a base with level 9 attack upgrade and level 5 frenzy upgrade, your tank will die in ten seconds. Tank has a lot of HP and fortified armor, but it is not invincible.

2. There is a hero that can kill or disable the tank quickly: Examples include any ranged hero with a static orb, CB with his bash, a high level Blade/Jaood/Assassin that’s doing a lot of damage, etc. Of course, there is the chance the player is an idiot and is gonna be totally oblivious to the tank or just run around like a headless chicken without trying to kill it, but this chance is usually not worth taking on 1500 gold.

3. The player is very skilled and has many wisps, some of them protected. By protected I mean in Zeppelins. This is something I personally do a lot and it has saved me on many occasions. If you put wisps in a Zeppelin, you keep them from being harmed until they are needed. When you do need them, drop them right on top of the tank, then select wisps as they come out and detonated them. They should detonate instantly, and because it takes a while to deploy each unit, you a wisp should have been detonated by the time the next one comes down. That means that even if someone targets your wisps, it’s gonna be hard as they will have to get each wisp as it comes down from the Zeppelin.

Scepter of DestructionEdit

Described as the big brother of the old Scepters of Shockwave from the older versions, this item can be a tremendous waste of money or something that helps you catch up when it seems you are hopelessly behind. This item unleashes a slow moving shockwave that does 800 damage. Note that this shockwave is much “fatter” than the Tauren Chieften’s shockwave. When aimed properly at a packed base, it is not difficult to at least make back the item’s cost and in some cases you will make much more! I have had many games where I am behind and then this is the item that helps me make a great comeback. A good shockwave will not only gain you your gold back but also allow you to gain one or more levels! At the same time, I have seen plenty of people completely waste this item, spending 1500 gold on it only to gain 500 gold or less on a few unit kills.

How do you use this? Well, the first thing to be aware of is its 3 second casting time. This means you have to stand there for three seconds while you cast the damn thing. During this time you can be killed or interrupted. HOWEVER, you can cast this item while using an Invulnerability Potion. Simply activate the potion BEFORE you get ready to cast, and then aim the shockwave. Also, note that if you click on a unit to aim, if the unit moves your aim changes as well. Therefore, it is much safer to aim on a point on the ground. The shockwave travels in a straight line, so try to picture where it will go to aim correctly.

Know what units will die instantly to shockwave: Footmen (obviously), all tier 1’s, all tier 2’s, and all tier 3’s but raiders. Of course, this is assuming that they have 0 armor upgrades. Check the units’ HP before you are about to use Scepter.

Scepter becomes first available at the 15 minute mark, and has a two minute restock time. Usually, this is what I do: I scout out each enemy base looking for a base with a load of units that can be killed instantly by Scepter. When I say a load I mean at least one base with units piled three rows deep. Scepter can reach two bases if aimed correctly, so if there are two bases with a lot of units I will try to get them both. Then, I get an Invuln Potion and the Scepter. Afterwards, I either use K-Rose’s Invisibility ability or an Invis potion to sneak into the base. As soon as I am in the base, I active Invuln Potion. Then I get in position, aim at a point on the ground in the direction I want it to go, and let loose. I try not to TP until all the units have died so I can get full exp, since once I am out of range I will share the exp equally with my allies. This sounds selfish but if you have idiot teammates or possible leavers, it is for the better.


This a very important Chapter indeed, for many casual players of Frenzy often complain about so-and-so being imbalanced. In this section, we are going to talk about counters to certain heroes/situations that people often complain about. Without further ado:

How do I counter Jaood?Edit

Probably the most common complaint amongst players in Footmen Frenzy revolves around the hero Jaood. To begin with, the best counters against Jaood are simply common sense and paying attention to your hero. Common sense means not going into the middle with 200 hp, dusting as much as possible, using TP as soon to escape Jaood .. etc. Note that regarding this last point, a persistent Jaood will come to your base and try to kill you still. Thus, as soon as you are attacked by Jaood quickly figure out if you can run away or you will have to TP. If you are even somewhat unsure you will be unable to run away, just TP right away to be safe. That way, the Jaood can’t simply windwalk into your base and one hit you. If you are suddenly at very low HP and need to TP, try to TP into the store section if possible. As for paying attention, that simply means noticing when Jaood is hitting you. There are many times when I see an ally getting hit by a Jaood for a good five seconds before he reacts. By that time it is far too late to escape.

Noticing when Jaood windwalks and figuring where he would strike next helps alot , of course you could be wrong and waste precious seconds of farming / supporting your allies but as they always say , better safe than sorry.

There are many items that help you counter Jaood. Foremost, there is the Dust of Apperance, available for free in the Archvault, which will allow you to see if a Jaood is lurking near you. Another item that can help alot is the Staff of Revocation. This item was designed specifically to counter Jaood, and it removes both Bloodlust and Haze. If a Jaood is getting out of control, get this item and remove his bloodlust whenever you can, even if he isn’t attacking your team. At only 100 gold per charge, this item is well worth it. Another useful item is the Entangling Roots item available. This will allow you to entangle the Jaood for a short time, keeping him from attacking. This is a good tool to allow you to save your ally or yourself. In addition, there is the expensive Storm of the Platelord, which has a 15% chance to Purge attackers. This Purge, of course, removes Jaood’s Bloodlust. Lastly, simply getting a Belt of Strength and a Ring of Protection will help you last longer against Jaood. If you are an Intel hero without these items, you are simply paper thin and asking to be killed by Jaood over and over.

Of course, Jaood isn’t just known for hero killing, but also for basekilling. Carrying a Staff of Revocation at all times is essential, since you can easily TP to the base under attack, and then remove the Bloodlust from either Jaood or Siege Tank. Note that the Staff of Revocation deals no damage to summons so you will still have to deal with a possibly full HP tank. Also, you should always have a Blank, and at least six wisps nearby in case of a Jaood basing attempt. Personally, I keep those in a Zeppelin so they can easily be moved around and dropped on top of the Tank/Jaood.

Finally, certain Heroes counter Jaood hard. Beastmaster and Dino Din have hawks which make it hard for Jaood to sneak around, and Dino Din can stun the Jaood as well. Priestess of course has her Owl Scouts which can also Mana Burn. Then there are the heroes with Thorns and Carapace which make it impossible for the Jaood to attack them without killing himself. Heroes that can banish such as Edge and Bloodmage can also stop Jaood in his tracks.

How do I counter Blademaster?Edit

Much of what I said for Jaood applies here, except for the things that are meant to remove Bloodlust. Obviously, there is no item that removes Critical Strike. In order to counter Blademaster, you basically have to stop him early on. Once he gets to level 11, he starts getting good. Once he’s level 16, he is unstoppalbe unless you can base him. Luckily, low levels he is weak. Don’t feed him hero kills, and base him as soon as you can. Ignore any whines or pleas for mercy. A mid game Blademaster with bad items might seem hardly worth the effort, but you will be surprised later on when that Blade is suddenly level 18 with four cursed axes.

Also, I am going to teach you a trick I use to indentify the real Blademaster from the Images. Although you can observe which image does the most damage, this might be hard to tell. What I do is click on each image and look at mana regeneration. If the Blade and his images are near the middle, the real one will regenerate much faster than the others. Use this trick if you are a nuker or hero killer.

How do I counter Assassin / Other Stunner Hero (Mountain King, Dino Din, Roaaaarrrr)?Edit

First off, get a Spell Shield. Although this does only block a spell every 120 seconds, it will save your life or keep you from using a TP. Like with those previous hero killers, using common sense and paying attention to your hero will reduce their effectiveness. If they, however, feed off of other players who are dumb, there isn’t much you can do. Assassin is pretty weak HP wise so you can try to target her with units. If she uses images, use the trick I described above for Blademaster’s images to identify the real one.

As I said with Jaood, simply getting a Belt of Strength and a Ring of Protection will help you last longer if you are a weak hero such as Archmage or Lich.

How do I counter [insert Hero’s name here] who has really strong items and cannot be killed?Edit

There are plenty of scenarios like this: Warden with five crowns, Demon Hunter with Ultimate Claw, Blademaster with four Cursed Axes of Slaying, etc. While I admit high level heroes with these builds are almost impossible to kill, Footmen Frenzy is designed so that you don’t have to kill the player’s hero to defeat him. If the player has spent this much money on items, he almost definitely has a weak base. Therefore, you can either use Siege Tank on him (read about Siege Tank in section 3B), or use Rod of Envy. Rod of Envy puts a hero to an uninterruptable sleep for 2 minutes. Take advantage of this time to either farm his base, or kill him. I will admit, however, that if a player has a very strong hero AND a strong tech, you are probably screwed unless you have a much stronger tech or something.

How do I counter Avalanche?Edit

This hero, in fact, is considered by most good players to be one of the worst heroes in the game. However, for beginners this hero might seem exceptionally overpowered. Again, and I’m well aware I am sounding like a broken record here, the key to countering Avalanche begins with using COMMON SENSE and PAYING ATTENTION to your hero. Ava does about 420 damage or so; if your hp goes below 450 salve yourself. Keep an eye on Avalanche for when he will blink or speed scroll. If he chases you into your base, go to the store to hide yourself, or use an invisibility potion/K-Rose. If you are in a situation where there are two or even three Avalanches on one team, going after you, get a Chunsang as soon as possible and Spirit Link yourself. Then get at least one belt and more if needed. Seeing two or three Avalanches can be quite depressing, but take comfort in knowing that this combo, like duel/tri CB, almost never succeeds since their focus is too narrow minded.

To deal with Avalanches with Immolation Cloaks that come in to feed, run all melee units away from the Ava. Put them as far away as possible, and have them hold position. Avalanche feeds by having masses of melee units run up to him and start whacking away, thus allowing Thorns and Spiked Carapace to take effect. Of course, the easy way to discourage Avalanche from camping to your base is to tech a ranged tier. This effectively shuts you down.

His Omnismack isn’t bad unless it is done against your hero and your hero is alone. In this case, TP as soon as possible because otherwise you WILL die. 10 Hits from an Ava is about 4500 damage. Also be very careful about using Golem against Avalanche since his omnismack will kill the Granite Golem quickly if it is by itself, and you will not be able to run away quickly enough.

Keep in mind that some strats like "triple Ava , scroll and base t1" JJ "TM" are almost impossible to counter.

How do I counter Bloodmage/Archmage?Edit

The simplest counter is simply running your units away from the AoE spell as quickly as possible. This is easier with the Bloodmage, since you can see the green circle forming as well as the sound. With Blizzard, you will probably take the first few waves but if you move quickly enough, your units will not take much damage. Also, pressure those heroes early on since they are quite weak. What you can do is seen a few footmen to attack the hero and not stop until they are die. Although you are sacrificing your units, this will force the heroes to run back to their base and keep them from staying in the middle gaining exp, regenerating mana, and casting their skills. Shutting down those heroes early is the best counter since their skills get more powerfull late game.

How do I counter Cattlebruiser?Edit

This is another hero that is the bane of many beginner players. A Cattlebruiser, with his powerful Cold Strike and Death Strike, seems to be able to take down heroes within seconds. Then factor in his bash, and you can have a hero that stunlocks any enemy as long as he has a couple of crowns. To a beginner player, this hero can seem impossible to beat.

In reality, Cattle is not a very good hero at all since he is not versatile and only good at one thing, hero killing. Even at this, it is arguable if he is the best. To counter Cattle, you have to first see if he is going the stunlock route or the typical route of maxing all his skills except Bash. In both cases, it is important to get some more HP on your hero so two nukes won’t kill him instantly. Get at least one belt if you are an intelligence hero, and get more if needed. You may even have to sacrifice item slots to be able to carry four Belts, but it is worth it if it means you won’t have to TP back all the time as soon as the Cattle starts nuking you. Another way to increase your HP indirectly is to get a Chunsang and use Sprit Link. In this case, keep the Chunsang in your base as if the Cattle sees it, one nuke might kill your creep instantly.

Two other useful items are Spell Shield and Bracers. Bracers are especially nice since not only do they grant increased magic resistance, they also grant twenty-five percent Evasion. This will help you a great deal when it comes to dealing with a Cattle that goes the stun-lock route.

A stun locking Cattle that is high level and has several crowns can be a serious pain. However, CB makes money quit slowly compared to many other heroes. He can only kill heroes, and is almost completely useless when it comes to killing units. Therefore, a CB with a bunch of crowns almost definitely has a very weak tech. Rod him, then farm off his units, and then kill him. Rod might not even be needed if you have a strong tech and he doesn’t have an ally that is a strong farmer; just send in all your units and watch him stand there helplessly trying to kill your units one by one. Even better, just stop the Cattle early on when he is still getting his first crowns. At that point, he is quite harmless since he has probably skipped getting Mana Precepts and similar items in favor of saving for Crowns, leaving him with a really low Mana pool. Target him frequently, and use the opportunity to farm with your own hero increasing your level and gold supply. This way, by the time CB finally gets powerful you have a very strong tech that can counter him.

A well played CB with the right hero combo, such as CB+Edge, CB+DK + Lich/Crypt Lord/Pitlord, can bealmost impossible to beat though. If you see a combo like the one I listed, it’s best to pick an Undead hero or a Pally and try to counter.

How do I counter Siege Tank?Edit

Most common way: wisps. Be careful as you might need as much as six dispels to completely kill a tank. Only one dispel, however, is needed to remove the buffs of Roar or Bloodlust. Once the game is about twenty minutes in or so, you should get some wisps ready in case of tank, especially if you are a dominating hero with only a tier 1 base. Personally, I put my wisps in a Zeppelin, so they cannot be targeted by nukes nor will they be trapped by units while I am moving them towards the tank. Just unload them right on top of the tank, and order each wisp to dispel as they come down.

Another good counter: Orb of Static. Put this on a fast attacking ranged hero if you fear wisps will not work. Edge is a good candidate for this. Orb of Static has a pretty decent chance of doing a lot of damage to a summon, which Siege Tank is classified as. In addition, Purge slows its attack speed as well as move speed greatly, not to mention removes any buffs.

Certain heroes can counter tank as well. A high level Jaood or Blademaster with good items will probably be able to kill it in a fairly short time. A Cattlebruiser that has maxed bash and has crowns will be able to stun lock it. Tank is of course spell immune so other nukes will not work. Also a Ravage can charm a tank completely so the other team wasted 1500 gold on a tank+roar scroll to base you and then fail. --It isn't a bad idea, if you see somebody with a tank and you are Ravage to follow the hero and charm the tank while the base is at low hp so you get the base kill and the gold for the base kill.

Finally, although Tank is strong if you have a very strong ranged tech on your team with a lot of upgrades, station a good amount of those units around the more vulnerable bases. This way, focus fire on the tank will likely bring it down before it can do too much damage.

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