Everyone loves items.

Buying an item for your hero seems to give you a much more visible bonus than just upgrading your huntresses from level 3 armor to level 4. However, buying too many items for your hero will mean that your army will be unprepared for the eventual battles. Good players will race right past your Level 18 Demon Hunter with 6 Totems and destroy your base with their Tier 4 massively upgrade army. Always make sure you are balancing your cash well between items, upgrades, creeps, and tier upgrades.

Here are a few tips which should be common knowledge to expert players:

  • When you have a melee hero, it can be hard to get it to stop at a shop. It's frustrating to try and buy something, only to have your Tinker run away yet again to rejoin the battle. It's even more frustrating when your Tinker dies because he didn't get that Health Potion in time. Instead of breaking your mouse, try this: Order your hero to walk to a point somewhere beyond the shop. As he walks by the shop, purchase the item you want. Your hero will have it and not even break his stride.
  • Heroes that are incapacitated near shops (stunned, for example) can still buy items. Do this and you can have a potion or scroll ready when you're moving again.
  • Unless you are planning an all creep army, it's best to only get the creeps that you really need. Good players will target your creeps first because they give a higher bounty and more experience than other units.

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