• There are four races of units in Footman Frenzy. These races are Human, Orc, Night Elf, and Undead. Each race has certain aspects that make it favorable in different situations. For example, the Night Elf tier produces only ranged units, while the Orc tier produces only melee units.

  • Each race also has its own racial ability as well as a special ability.
    • The Human tier has the evasion racial and the feedback ability.
    • The Orc tier has the critical strike ability and the ensnare ability.
    • The Night Elf tier has the range racial and the hide ability.
    • The Undead tier has the undead frenzy racial and the slam ability.

  • Each race also as a specific strength and weakness against different races.
    • Human
      • Does 150% damage to Night Elf and 75% damage to Undead
      • Takes 150% damage from Undead and 75% damage from Night Elf
    • Orc
      • Does 150% damage to Undead and 75% damage to Night Elf
      • Takes 150% damage from Night Elf and 75% damage from Undead
    • Night Elf
      • Does 150% damage to Orc and 75% damage to Human
      • Takes 150% damage from Human and 75% damage from Orc
    • Undead
      • Does 150% damage to Human and 75% damage to Orc
      • Takes 150% damage from Orc and 75% damage from Human

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