Blades of FuryEdit

The Berserker pulls out a number blades and throws them at his enemies. The blades home in on the enemy and deals damage upon collision. Number of blades and damage increase with each level. Blades of Fury always has a cool down of 8 seconds

Level DMG per blade Blade Count Mana Range
1 100 5 85 800
2 200 6 90 850
3 300 7 95 900
4 400 8 100 950
5 500 9 105 1000
6 600 10 115 1050

Spasmic HeaveEdit

The Berserker grabs a nearby unit and flings him away. The starting distance between the hero and unit is equal to the distance the unit will be thrown. When the unit lands, it takes damage based on the distance it was thrown and also deals smash damage to units in a small area. Spasmic Heave always costs 65 mana.

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