Race: Neutral/Night Elf
Class: Strength
Type: Hero Killer/Support
Strength: 40 (+8 per level)
Agility: 1
Intelligence: 1 (+1 per level)

Does freakishly high damage and has high armor and high HP. Moves very slow and has Devotion, Thorns, Lard Layer and Omnismack. Avalanche only has four item slots due to his giant ass cheeks filling two slots. If you want Avalanche you must choose him in the first two minutes of the game, because he disappears from the tavern.

**It should be noted that Avalanche starts out with the skill Blink, which cannot be leveled.

Spells Edit

Lard Layers Edit


The hero forms barbed layers of chitinous armor that increases its defense and returns damage to enemy melee attackers. The strength of the armor increases with each level.

Level Defense Bonus Damage Return
1 3 15%
2 7 25%
3 11 25%
4 15 45%
5 19 55%
6 25 65%

Thorns Aura Edit


An aura that gives friendly nearby units a damage shield, which returns a percentage of a melee attacker's damage back to it. The damage returned and area of effect increases with each level.

Level Damage Return
1 10 %
2 25 %
3 40%
4 55%
5 70 %
6 85%

Devotion Aura Edit


Gives additional armor to nearby friendly units. Armor bonus increases as this skill levels up.

Level Armor Bonus
1 1.5
2 3
3 4.5
4 6
5 7.5
6 10

Omnismack Edit


Avalanche moves around the battlefield, smacking enemies. He becomes invulnerable when omnismacking.

Level Number of 'Smacks' Mana Cooldown
1 10 50 250
2 15 60 200
3 20 70 120

Hero Guide Edit

Avalanche Guide Edit

The hero guide written by Go.Footies that focuses on a 3 6 6 3 build.

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