Race: Human
Class: Intelligence
Type: AoE/Support
Strength: 14 (+1.8 per level)
Agility: 17 (+1 per level)
Intelligence: 19 (+3.2 per level)

Mystical Hero, adept at ranged assaults. Can learn Blizzard, Summon Water Elemental, Brilliance Aura and Mass Teleport. Attacks land and air units.

Spells Edit

Blizzard Edit


Calls down waves of freezing ice shards, note that they do not slow units. These shards do significant damage to units and heroes in a circular AoE. This spell always costs 150 mana and has a range of 800.

Level DMG/Wave Cooldown Area
1 40 dmg x 5 waves 6 seconds 200 AoE
2 55 dmg x 5 waves 7 seconds 225 AoE
3 70 dmg x 6 waves 8 seconds 250 AoE
4 85 dmg x 6 waves 9 seconds 275 AoE
5 100 dmg x 8 waves 10 seconds 300 AoE
6 150 dmg x 10 waves 11 seconds 350 AoE

Water Elemental Edit


Water Elementals are summoned to fight for the Archmage. Water Elementals always last for 35 seconds.

Level Unit(s) Cooldown Damage Hitpoints
1 1 Level 1 Elemental 25 seconds 34-44 dmg 675 Hp
2 2 Level 1 Elementals 25 seconds 34-44 dmg 675 Hp
3 2 Level 3 Elementals 25 seconds 47-55 dmg 900 Hp
4 2 Water Elementals 25 seconds 57-65 dmg 1200 Hp
5 3 Water Elementals 25 seconds 57-65 dmg 1200 Hp
6 3 Water Elementals 15 seconds 77-85 dmg 1200 Hp

Brilliance Aura Edit


Gives additional mana regeneration to nearby friendly heroes.

Level Regeneration Area
1 +0.7 mana/sec 900 AoE
2 +2.7 mana/sec 1000 AoE
3 +3.7 mana/sec 1100 AoE
4 +5 mana/sec 1200 AoE
5 +7 mana/sec 1300 AoE
6 +9 mana/sec 1400 AoE

Mass Teleport Edit


Teleports the Archmage and your nearby units to a friendly ground unit or structure. Number of units teleported and cooldown improve with each level. There is a 5 second cast time for all levels of Mass Teleport.

Level Units Cooldown Mana Area
1 12 units 20 seconds 75 700 AoE
2 25 units 15 seconds 20 800 AoE
3 50 Units 12 seconds 1 900 AoE


The Archmage is a relatively weak hero often driven out of combat. Generally, most players chose to max out Blizzard, Water Elemental and Brilliance Aura, leaving out Mass Teleport, or get MT to level 2, taking from BA. Leaving out MT is done for two reasons. First, the map is not that large, and saving the time by teleporting one's units is not really productive. Second, Mass Teleport can not really be used to save the Archmage from battle do to its 5 second cast time, rendering the main reason people teleport in the first place useless. Some do select Mass Teleport to level 3 in leu of Water Elemental [levels 4, 5, and 6] as a hit and run strategy. That is, one easily can teleport the Archmage into an enemies base with a wall of units around him, Blizzard a few times, then exit.

With Other HeroesEdit

The Archmage is particularly useful as a support hero when working with mana dependent heroes like the Cattle Bruiser. In this respect, the Archmage is used as a sort of 'mana pool,' constantly feeding his ally heroes mana, increasing their potency. Also, due to the Archmage's AoE spell, he is able to tech his base, allowing many strength heroes to pursue the 'iteming up' strategy.

Hero Guide Edit

Archmage Guide

The archmage guide written by Darmanius that focuses on a 6 6 4 2 build.

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